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Event Photography & Videography

Organising an event and need to capture it? With over 35 yers of photography experience and 12 years of professional photography I’ve had all kind of situations thrown at me. The picture next to this text was taken in the darkness and in the rain. Hopefully that should reassure you that you’ll end up with (LOTS of) pictures that your clients will love and that you can use for your own marketing and social media.

Content for
Social Media & Ads

Do you need pictures and/or videos for your social media account or for advertisements or for your branding, or all at the same time?

Event & Corporate PHOTOGRAPHY Pricing


Pictures of your entire wedding

From the preparations to the cake or midnight (whichever comes first)

Filter of pictures
Professional retouches
I’m proud of every single picture I send to clients
JPG files
High resolution
Around 100 images per hour of photography
Downloadable through the gallery (also by your friends if you so desire)
Online gallery

Password protected
Shareable link to the gallery (for your friends and family)
A 250€ voucher for your wedding album

Transportation costs

Transportation costs are included in the Maritime Alps & the Provence
For out of the region weddings you’ll have to add the transportation costs and 2 nights of lodging. Within Europe this usually costs around 400-600€.

Special Request

Contact us if you have any special requests such as multiple day weddings.