Looking for something different? Do you want pictures that carry emotions? That are pieces of art? Or do you want the reassurance of someone who’s taken pictures of hundreds of weddings and who knows what does and doesn’t work? Click on the button below to see my top 10 tips and why I’m always the first to cry during weddings.

Wedding PHOTOGRAPHY Pricing


Pictures of your entire wedding

From the preparations to the cake or midnight (whichever comes first)

Filter of pictures
Professional retouches
I’m proud of every single picture I send to clients
JPG files
High resolution
Around 100 images per hour of photography
Downloadable through the gallery (also by your friends if you so desire)
Online gallery

Password protected
Shareable link to the gallery (for your friends and family)
A 250€ voucher for your wedding album

Transportation costs

Transportation costs are included in the Maritime Alps & the Provence
For out of the region weddings you’ll have to add the transportation costs and 2 nights of lodging. Within Europe this usually costs around 400-600€.

Special Request

Contact us if you have any special requests such as multiple day weddings.



A bride once told us that if her house were to burn down that she’d run into to save her wedding album. Although we can’t recommend doing this–as we can always order a new copy of all wedding albums–the take home message here (ignoring the fact that she no longer has a home) is that if you have a beautiful wedding album it’ll be one of the things in your life that’ll you’ll cherish the most. It’s a heirloom that the entire family will enjoy for generations to come.

In this world filled with technology, digital photos end up being buried by the thousands of other photos and videos that we accumulate over the years. Your favorite images that are printed as albums, memory boxes, or as large fine-art print will keep their value and you will love looking at them over and over again. You can choose to make your own album(s) and prints or we can make them for you. The albums we make are (medium to) high-end albums with a quality that is not available to the general public. The wedding album companies take pride in their work and only work directly with professional photographers. You’ll see and feel the difference and they are nothing compared to the albums you can order at the local supermarket just around the corner.

Enhance your memories

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