Looking for something different? Do you want pictures that carry emotions? That are pieces of art? Or do you want the reassurance of someone who’s taken pictures of hundreds of weddings and who knows what does and doesn’t work? Click on the button below to see my top 10 tips and why I’m always the first to cry during weddings.

Photography style


Photojournalistic wedding photography is like having a ninja capture your love story with a camera – silent, unobtrusive, and magically seizing those heart-skipping, candid moments.

The result?

Timeless treasures that tell your love story with vibrant spontaneity, ensuring every glance, tear, and smile is forever etched in memories. Imagine your wedding day as a captivating storybook, where each page reveals genuine laughter, heartfelt emotions, and moments that make your celebration uniquely yours – all framed in a visual love letter capturing the raw beauty of your big day. With a dash of spontaneity and a sprinkle of documentary-style finesse, photojournalistic wedding photography transforms your moments into an epic adventure, one click at a time.”

Photography style

Family & Friends

First and foremost, let’s ensure everyone has an absolute blast! Why? Because happy vibes not only put people at ease but also magically enhance the charm in every photograph. Forget about those yawn-worthy posed shots; we’re all about capturing the real, unfiltered joy!

Quick tip for anyone taking a group photo: scatter those lovely faces across the frame. Trust us, it’s like adding a sprinkle of magic! No more stiff lines; we’re all about that dynamic, engaging vibe. Let’s make memories that pop, sizzle, and dance with life!”

Photography style

Creative & Art

Around 80% of wedding photography is photojournalistic, 10% is of your family & friends, and the remaining 10% reserved just for you and your sweetheart to spend quality time together, resulting in epic, creative, and artistic images that’ll make your love story shine forever!

Fear not if you or your partner are camera shy! These are moments you will enjoy together and you will receive tips that will make you relax and not even realize a picture has been taken. 

Luxury albums

There are few things that we keep for decades. A wedding album is one of them.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting story of your special day, where every page unfolds a chapter of love and joy where you relive every glance, moment, and shared smile. Your wedding album is crafted with meticulous care, transforming your cherished moments into tangible treasures. It’s the best memory and keepsake you can have and why I offer it to all of my clients.

A mini album of 21 x 21 cm with 30 of your favorite images is included for all full-day weddings. Addtional options can be added on. 

  • Lay-flat pages with virtually no seem, to show photos that cover both pages. 
  • Thick pages give albums een premium, durable feeling, time after time.
  • High-end albums only avaialble to professional photogaphers. You’ll see and feel the difference.
  • You’re in control. You choose the size of the album(s), choose the type of cover, and if the cover should be leather or linnen or something else,and if it should contain a picture and your names. I will design the album(s) and will give you a summary of the best options, and you tell me after your wedding what your preferences are.

A bride once told me that if her house were to burn down that she’d run into it to save her wedding album. 

Photo Albums

A bride once told us that if her house were to burn down that she’d run into to save her wedding album. Although we can’t recommend doing this–as we can always order a new copy of all wedding albums–the take home message here (ignoring the fact that she no longer has a home) is that if you have a beautiful wedding album it’ll be one of the things in your life that’ll you’ll cherish the most. It’s a heirloom that the entire family will enjoy for generations to come.

In this world filled with technology, digital photos end up being buried by the thousands of other photos and videos that we accumulate over the years. Your favorite images that are printed as albums, memory boxes, or as large fine-art print will keep their value and you will love looking at them over and over again. You can choose to make your own album(s) and prints or we can make them for you. The albums we make are (medium to) high-end albums with a quality that is not available to the general public. The wedding album companies take pride in their work and only work directly with professional photographers. You’ll see and feel the difference and they are nothing compared to the albums you can order at the local supermarket just around the corner.


FROM 2500 euros

– Story telling & artistic photography
– Full day coverage from the preparation until midnight
– Transportation cost included
– Digital files 



Pictures of your entire wedding

From the preparations to the cake or midnight (whichever comes first)

Filter of pictures
Professional retouches
I’m proud of every single picture I send to clients
JPG files
High resolution
Around 100 images per hour of photography
Downloadable through the gallery (also by your friends if you so desire)
Online gallery

Password protected
Shareable link to the gallery (for your friends and family)
A 250€ voucher for your wedding album

Transportation costs

Transportation costs are included in the Maritime Alps & the Provence
For out of the region weddings you’ll have to add the transportation costs and 2 nights of lodging. Within Europe this usually costs around 400-600€.

Special Request

Contact us if you have any special requests such as multiple day weddings.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Merci Robin pour les magnifiques photos du mariage.
Tu es un artiste incroyable et nous adorons tes photos.
– Elodie & Scott

Story telling photography

is fantastic for capturing moments but it’s a VERY big challenge for a photographer to make something that’s artistically special with limited time and limited control on the environment.

The goal is to always pictures straight that are ready to go straight out of the camera, but there are situations where a bit of Photoshop magic can really make a (subtle) difference. It’s can be the difference between a we’re-not-going-to-give-this-to-a-client image and a this-is-spectacular-and-going-into-the-wedding-album-or–hang up on a wall.

One hour of photogaphy requires around 3-4 hours of filtering, retouching, and preparing of images. All images we deliver to clients are images that we are proud of (and we’re the toughest judges of our own work!).

So don’t worry your photography, we (and Photoshop) do our best to have you covered no matter what happens. All you have to do is to have a lot of fun!

The first picture below was a random moment while walking through a town and a gust of wind suddenly lifted up her veil. The moment only lasted a fraction of a second but ended up being our of our favorite images of all time (in particular since it shows how unplanned and the smallest of moments can sometimes be the best).

Marié avec voile avant retouche Marié avec voile après retouche
Original Retouched

Experience has taught us that a rainy day will have very little effect on the wedding pictures. First of all because 90% of wedding pictures are taken in areas protected from the rain and  furthermore because during the entire day there are always little moments where it isn’t raining which allows us to take pictures like the one just above.

The picture below was taken on top of a castle during a 30 second walk between the dinner location and the dancing location for the rest of the evening. The location, the view and the sunset were stunning and while taking the walk we asked the bride and groom if they felt like walking to that corner and take a minute for just to two of them to just pause and savoir the moment just between the two of them and with no guests around. You can see the light stand in the original picture that was used to light them up. This is a perfect example of how we LOVE to work: don’t ask people to smile but instead create moments and emotions and then capture those on camera.

Couple avant retouche Couple après retouche
Elodie & Philippe avant retouche Elodie & Philippe apres retouche

The bride and groom were just married at the church above and they had been showered with flowers by all of their close ones and a few minutes of festive celebrations had taken place. The people had started to move away and that led to this moment where they turned to one another and celebrated in their own way. The magic moment was there with a perfect pose, but…. well… agh, stuff it, let’s just open up Photoshop.

The sun is incredible sharp and hot on the French Riviera in the summer. Here’s a simple trick for anyone taking pictures in these conditions: place people with their back towards the sun. This will give them a good and even exposure on their face (without black raccoon eyes due to the sun casting a strong shadow) and it will also mean they can look normally without squinting their eyes. It’s also less hot so people don’t sweat as quickly and the make-up won’t run. Then expose on the faces (or slightly darker) or as in this case, the exposure was done more on the dress so that the details wouldn’t get washed out. Luckily cameras and retouching software nowadays have a big dynamic range so that we can even out the exposure. Some pictures work better in colour and this one really works best in black & white. A variant of this picture taken a few seconds later was enlarged to 2 meters wide and now hangs on a wall.

Couple sous le porche avant retouche Couple sous le porche après retouche
Couple s'embrasse avant retouche Couple s'embrasse après retouche

The black and white picture above is a very typical situation: it was right after a photo session with the bride & groom and as they were walking back to the car this tender moment of affection happened. As a photographer you’re never allowed to put down your camera. The best pictures are not the ones that are planned but are the natural moments in between.

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Marié avec voile après retouche

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